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Loose Screws: Surgery Again, June 11th

    A 5-month follow-up appointment with my surgeon came to that I would be getting surgery yet again, this time to remove two of the screws that had been put in just after the new year of 2015 rolled in. The usual process of x-rays, however, was not so usual this time around. One of y screws was broken, and I quite literally had a loose screw in my ankle.
“It’s a minor surgery”, they said. “You’ll be able to walk out of the hospital when it’s over”, they said. And actually, they were right. This surgery was nothing but smiles.

Here I am modeling for this month’s issue of Hospital Vogue.    I was all smiles as I woke up from surgery, unsuccessfully including my peace-sign fingers in a post-surgery selfie. Before the surgery began, I asked if it was possible to have my screws once they were removed. The nurses made sure to relay this request and sure enough, my screws were delivered to me after being sterilized and vacuum-sealed into a bag.

Pain-killer status: I took one of whatever they gave me right after I woke up and never got the prescription filled. (aka Much less pain than when I was on 7.5 tablets of Oxycodone every 3 hours back in January.)

Mobility status: I went jogging the day after my screws were removed.

All I’ve got is a little incision and I can’t swim for a week. Other than that, I’m good as new, and my ankle feels more normal than it has in months! Glad these babies are out.


2 comments on “Loose Screws: Surgery Again, June 11th

  1. Suzanne DeMuth Myers
    June 15, 2015

    It’s good those screws are OUT! You wouldn’t want that loose one migrating through your body!! Ouch!


  2. Michelle Polacinski
    June 19, 2015

    Yayyyyy Julie!


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