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A Month Without Foot on Floor: January 23rd – February 24th

I guess you can say it’s a good thing you haven’t heard from me in a while!~ who knew you could be so busy without having two feet on the ground? Most days I don’t even feel like there are enough hours in the day! What am I doing you may ask? going to the gym, class,  soaking up the sun outside, doing homework in the library, going to walmart, going out to eat, meditating, reading, playing piano, guitar, singing, going to shows, rolling around on my knee scooter, laughing, sleeping, taking photos, talking to friends, etc etc, the list could go on and on. To the right we observe Rowing on the Erg with Foot on Floor. I simply let the injured leg drag on the floor, back and forth. To the left we observe I Don’t Need Two Feet to Play Music For You and Talk About My Problems During Air Breaks. (my new show time is Monday 3-5pm, so tune in and “keepit locked to the Voice” 😉

And here we have my foot hasn’t seen sunlight in a month, let’s give it some vitamin d and probably melanoma.

At about three weeks, I transitioned from the wheelchair to the beloved knee scooter.

The knee scooter probably isn’t everything you think it is….on nice flat surfaces it works just great. But the University of Miami takes great pride in their brick sidewalks and, with bricks facing in all directions, which makes feeble 4-wheeled walking devices tremble and shake with fear and slow speeds. And occasionally sends the operator flying into the road or forces the operator’s bad limb into the ground. What joy. I sought relief by commuting via the flatter and smoother roads connecting campus, riding beside and in front of cars, buses, and bikes, and keeping eyes peeled for pebbles and other small road blocks that would cause me to turn into a projectile object, all while maintaining speeds of roughly 8 miles per hour.

Here we see the aftermath of one late night omelet run in which I proceeded too speedily towards an acorn or some other small and unseen object perched in the street.

To the right is I never thought i would wear Vans again…just Van…but here i am!!!

Along with not walking on a leg, one can expect the muscle in that leg to basically disintegrate. That’s exactly what happened. That’s why i’m dropping a new track Muscle loss feat. Sock tan, check out my new mixtape.

Also managed to go to *three* shows (Reel Big Fish, Silverstein, and Yonder Mountain String Band) all with access to the VIP/handicapped section next to the stage 😉

Also during the time of non-weight bearing (NWB) I did the beach, went shopping on Lincoln Road twice, did a yoga class on Miami Beach, and swam multiple times at the gym. No excuses, for real.

Six weeks post-surgery marked a crucial moment…………


I had been waiting for this day since day 1 of injury….and I had been practicing for this day for a few weeks (standing up on my two feet. putting my injured foot on the ground, moving it around, making it feel normal-ish again). ((plus since I fell off my knee scooter, and couldn’t kneel on it due to my severely bruised knee with abrasion, i began practicing for PWB by putting about 5-10% of my weight on my foot with my crutches [aka DEATH STICKS] as support))

so the day comes – FEBRARY 19 2015 – six weeks post-surgery -this was the REAL day I could ditch the knee scooter and pick back up the crutches and “walk”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol too bad it was raining….rain + crutches is the reason we call them DEATH STICKS. Soooo had to take my knee scooter to avoid injuring myself further/dying.

So – FRIDAY FEBRUARY 20 2015 – I woke up on the bright and sunny morning and grabbed my crutches and happily (and really gd slowly) started walking to class. Half way through the day I was like

wait….I don’t need this other crutch. So i threw it into the radio station office at center campus and continued on my way as an independent college student with a FREE HAND TO CARRY THINGS/FOOD/PHONE/WATER BOTTLE/ANYTHING!!!!!!! You really take this for granted until you’re using your hands as your extra foot for a few months (wheelchair, knee scooter, 2 crutches, all require 2 HANDS).


Partial weight bearing very quickly turned into limited FULL WEIGHT BEARING and

TAKING MY FIRST STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did so at Grassroots Music & Dance Festival on Virginia Key – SATURDAY FEBRUARY 21 2015 –

(no excuses!!!!! if you want to do something, you can do it, I swear.)

I can’t believe the time has come where I can get up and walk to the garbage to throw my banana peel out during english class, or carry my toothbrush to the bathroom with me, and turn the light off before bed, all without using a walking device!!!! it’s literally awesome! all these little things I used to take for granted…I never will again!! I walk around all day now (with the help of one crutch, or none if I’m feeling daring (((until the pain kicks in then it’s back to the crutch))) and smile 😀 I feel so free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictured here is a friend and father figure of mine, Sean aka Hooligan Sean, a leader in the Miami bike community. He was extremely supportive about my injury and always assured me that I would get back out there on my bike soon, as he had knee injuries in the past. I received news on the afternoon of Sunday, February 1st that he had passed away in a car crash as he was driving to a bike race – to do what he loved. He was 51 years old. I had never experienced the sudden death of someone I knew until this. It really changed my view of life…don’t take any moment for granted, don’t take your body and your abilities for granted. And live life to the fullest at every moment…because that’s exactly what Sean did until his last moment. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/coral-gables/article9166586.html


2 comments on “A Month Without Foot on Floor: January 23rd – February 24th

  1. Suzanne DeMuth Myers
    February 25, 2015

    You. Are. Amazing. You are so inspiring! You have faced this struggle with the passion to get through to the other side of it and have succeeded at each step (pun intended) along the way!! Bravo!!!


    • juliesinjuries
      February 25, 2015

      Thank you!! At the beginning, it seemed like this time would never come…but is has! Thanks for reading!:)


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