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Week 2 Crippled at University: January 17th – 23rd (Cheerios & Narcotics)

Week 2 summed up in 5 words: substantially better than week 1.


Getting into the swing of things.

I got out and about over the weekend, even if it was just watching some speeches about world peace in an urban garden in Lauderdale, going to Walmart, and getting food with friends by the water.

Finally started DJing at the radio. Twice this week! Was lazy/never got around to it last semester. Catch me Sunday nights from midnight – 2am! http://www.wvum.org or tune in to 2015/01/img_7704.jpg90.5 FM if you are in the Miami area.

Monday brought the beginning of a mindfulness/emotional intelligence/based stress reduction course. I already practice mindfulness meditation (with an on-campus org, Miami Mindfulness) so this is a way for me to expand my knowledge and practices. Plus it gives me something else to do/focus on during my long recovery. By the end of this 8 week course, I will almost most definitely be able to walk….very exciting thoughts.

Mobility-wise, every day gets a little bit easier I would say. I can pretty much do anything and go anywhere (including grass and woo2015/01/img_7707.jpgdchips – who knew this wheelchair was all-terrain accessible?). The only things I can’t do are bike/walk/run, etc. So in reality I can actually do a huge amount of things.

Started doing the gym too, yeahhhhh! People ask me “what do you DO at the gym!??!?!??!??!”….and I’m like “well…….I am a fully functioning person besides my left ankle, so actually I can do upper body, core, and right leg strength training as much as I want”. Basically I’m getting swoll. (honestly I can see a difference in my arms from a few weeks ago, and this is from wheeling about campus in addition to the gym)

Clubs started up and everything so got back to my usual meditation, concert committee, and radio station shenanigans. I’m on two executive boards this semester, super stoked about that – I’m Advertising Director of Miami Mindfulness and Social Media Director of WVUM, so catch me blowing up your newsfeeds erryd2015/01/img_7732.jpgay 😉

My friends informed me that somebody wrote a yak about me which was kind of cool. My outfits are pretty cute if I do say so myself;)2015/01/img_7733-0.png

So anyways…..I’m sure you’re curious about what this week’s appointment with the touch-of-grey’s anatomy ortho doctor had to say to me this week…..

This week was…….





So there you have it. The removal 2015/01/img_7748.jpgo2015/01/img_7747.jpgf SIXTEEN staples from the left side of my ankle and EIGHT staples from the right. Wasn’t that bad actually, except when Dr. Touch-of-grey clipped my skin a few times on accident. My foot and ankle have returned to a nearly normal size. I may be able to wear Vans again some day on my left foot. STAY TUNED, next week I start the process of MOVING my ankle! Keep up with me on Instagram: @juliesinjuries


3 comments on “Week 2 Crippled at University: January 17th – 23rd (Cheerios & Narcotics)

  1. Suzanne DeMuth Myers
    January 24, 2015

    You ROCK!!! You have spun this right around from an injury to an adventure! I am going to try and stay up to hear you on the radio too!!! Keep living large! Love you! Suzanne


    • juliesinjuries
      January 24, 2015

      Thank you!!! Making lemonade out of my lemons as they say. Taking advantage of the time I would usually be biking and running to invest into things I already do, or try new things. Thank you for reading!
      Love, Julianna ❤


  2. alex21
    February 24, 2015

    It seems that you broke your ankle very bad.When will you have your cast removed?I was in a cast too.I broke my wrist and thumb playing soccer.I had my third cast removed 2 months ago.Hope you feel better and you dont have any pain.


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