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Surgery Flow: Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Home from surgery!!!!!!!!!

Don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you surgery isn’t that bad because it is that bad. In fact it’s probably even worse than that bad.

Screenshot 2015-01-08 18.43.54IMG_7302IMG_7300

Hospital fashion: the wonderful pastel dress (open in the back) and sock (with grippies on them) I got to wear today.

Also, the greatest episode of Spongebob ever written was on first thing in the morning. (“sweeeeeeeeet sweeeeeet sweet victory”)

Luckily, even with my baby-sized hard-to-get veins, the nurse IV’d me on the first try. In my hand. A little weird placement, but it worked. (Sure beats Sunday in the emergency room when 3 different nurses stabbed me 5 different times.)

So then it was off to get my leg blocked. Since the idea of spinal injection method made me gag, I went with the left leg block injection method. Or I tried at least. I guess my tolerance for needle injectionsIMG_7303 into large nerves in the back of my leg isn’t up to standard because it caused me agony/screaming/crying. So we ditched that method and decided on just general anesthesia. The only thing would be that when I woke up, my leg wouldn’t be numb.

And it sure as hell wasn’t. I woke up extremely confused and in pain. So more crying/screaming/swearing and the nurses telling me to quiet down so the other patients didn’t hear me. Like yeah right you can’t just cut someones ankle open onhttps://i2.wp.com/f1.bcbits.com/img/a0568906257_7.jpg both sides, put a plate, screws, and staples in and expect them to be quiet about it. Whatever.

One thing I did like was that they let me bring my phone & headphones into the operating room, so I went in to surgery and woke up from surgery to https://i1.wp.com/f1.bcbits.com/img/a3302873863_7.jpgThe Hotelier (my #1 album of 2014). Today also consisted of some Somos, Tigers Jaw, and Concealed Creatures.


They were giving me some meds through my IV and it was helping a little bit. I started calming down and they gave me some ice to chew on and I asked for a stress ball so they gave me a rubber glove filled https://i1.wp.com/f1.bcbits.com/img/a1397449891_2.jpgwith other rubber gloves. It was cute.

The high-dose oxycodone pills were what really worked for me. I felt much more comfortable after taking those and I even started smiling a bit and joking around more and laughing. I was going to be okay, I realized. I took a few naps because the anesthesia makes ya very woozy and sleepy and out of it.

I was doing pretty well (and also there were no beds available for me to stay overnight) so we went home.

Back home now…..the pain sucks and the post-op muscle spasms have set in, but I get to start healing now!!!!! Everyday from now I’ll be getting closer to the day I can walk/bike/hike/swim/jump/mosh/BE FREE!!!


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