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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

IMG_7298Another day, another dollar.

And by “dollar” I mean experiences sitting on my ass to get up and down stairs, carrying my lunch in a plastic bag to the couch, and binge-watching The Office.

I actually did get “oot and aboot” this morning. Visited the alternative senior year program that I graduated from last year, hung out with my old classmates, saw my former teacher, it was nice.

Now just prepping for surgery tomorrow @ 8am. Get to take another shower tonight and then I can’t eat or drink after midnight. Woo.

American Life in Weeks

Got a few ideas for projects I’ll be working on. Inspired by Your Life In Weeks (thanks to Michelle for posting this today), I’m going to create a large poster-size grid with each square representing a week in my life. Going to look back at life events and mark them (ex. graduations, awesome shows/concerts, past significant injuries, travels, etc.) and look into the future weeks to mark things I’m planning on doing or will do. The thing that this will really help me with is…putting these 6-8 weeks of one-leggedness into perspective. If I live to 90, I will have 4,680 weeks in my life. 6 to 8 ain’t too bad 🙂

Link to Your Life In Weeks full article (interesting, I do recommend reading): http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/05/life-weeks.html


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