julie's injuries

bumps, bruises, blood, burns, and broken bones

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Got to see the bone doctor. Excitement. He was quick to examine my x-rays and determine that yes, like every other nurse/doctor I had seen/been stuck with a needle by/gotten my blood pressure taken by, had suspected – I need surgery.


For someone who had never been to the emergency room until the night before, never had their tonsils or appendix out, never even had their wisdom teeth out, this was a lot to take in. The thought of plates and screws in my bones and staples in my skin was sickening. I would have surgery on Thursday.

After seeing the ortho, I went to Walmart and Hannaford with my mom. It was good to get out and see that I could still do things and get around. I took a wheelchair around in Walmart and got some good speed. Plus a pretty alright arm workout.

The rest of the day consisted of watching The Office, playing with a Tamagotchi, texting, Pinterest-ing, and reading lists of things to do when your ankle is broken.IMG_7280

Also decided to start reading SIY since I had been taught by it and pretty transformed by the teachings all of first semester.

I didn’t get very far. I’m not a big reader. I have a short attention span. That’s why TV and movies don’t work too well for me. But I’m going to keep giving reading a try.

Later in the evening, Origin offered me a free download of Sim City 2000. I was super excited actually. But now I see why it’s free.


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